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    What mobile games now can make money.


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “What mobile games now can make money.”
    1. The so -called mobile game to make money is a big cake drawn by the game development. In fact, you can't make money at all.
      Munning money is a gimmick, in order to attract more people to play. The game developer is to make money rather than paying money. It is impossible for any game to make people earn even a day's living expenses, and the money players invest in the game is a bottomless hole.

    2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to serve you, I have seen your question. I am inquiring and summarizing the data for you, and I will reply to you right awaynThen let's look at the games that can move bricks to make money with Xiaoxue. Maybe one is suitable for you. 1. "Jianwang 1: Return" Sword Net's sharp classic game, the gameplay and attribute gameplay in the game are perfectly inherited. So if you want to move bricks in this game, it is relatively difficult to move bricks, but it is only necessary to open a month card, because the props dropped by the monthly card can be traded 100 %. 2. "Swordsman World 2" is not required to move bricks in the swordsman world. As long as there is a almost full -level character, as long as it is not bad in strength. Then moving bricks is mainly to obtain benefits by selling gold coins, so it is necessary to do daily and hang up. 3. There are many ways to play "Water Margin Q Biography", and there are also some ideas for moving bricks. Then I personally recommend the way to move the brick to get the equipment reward in the copy to obtain the income, because the advanced copies are not available, and the number of equipment can be increased by the number of times. 4. The fairy tale game "Murder and Fairy Tale 2" belongs to the role -playing type. The strength and partner strength in the game are relatively important. If you want to move bricks, you can operate in the game by hanging up the hook, and these materials are good.n5. There are many characters in the role of "Sword of the Sword of the Fairy Sword", and a core gameplay of the game is to practice skills. In the process of practicing skills, it will consume a lot of skill books fragments. This is the game's brick movement. As long as you work hard, there is no problem with the income. 6. "Jiuyin" is one of the most valuable props in Jiuyin, but there are some difficulties if you want to get, and there are some requirements for player role strength. Xiaobian's suggestion is that everyone chooses to auxiliary occupations. It will be less difficult to mix with copying. 7. I believe everyone has experienced the end game of "The Return of Magic Baby" Magic Baby, and it is similar to the gameplay of mobile games. The baby is the most important unit. So in this game, in addition to resources that can move bricks, you can practice your baby. A good baby is very high.nHello, if my answer is helpful to you or you are more satisfied with my answer, can you give me a praise for me. I really have a serious answer to my question. Happy!nMore 2nBleak

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