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    What are the specific differences between chess games and brand games?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “What are the specific differences between chess games and brand games?”
    1. The biggest difference between chess games and brand games is the one that rely on luck, one does not rely on luck. Chess games depend on personal ability, rely on skills, tactics, wisdom, courage, and so on. Brand games, look at luck, look at skills and wisdom. The two are different and the same.

    2. I think that chess games are only about games such as chess, military chess or Wuzi chess. I develop my brain when I have two games. When playing this game, I will let the brain run at high speed, so I like to play this game.

    3. Chess games are more games, step by step, all of them are rounds, you come and go, from scratch. The card game is based on the cards in their hands, conceiving their own play, and slowly playing their own cards, from to nothing, and the number of cards that can support more than chess.

    4. The most fundamental difference is that chess games can only go one by one, who can not go more, and as long as the card you will have, you can go out if you can’t suppress you. When the other party may have not played a card from beginning to end.

    5. Most of the chess games are the same chess pieces in the beginning of both sides. Our winning or losing is only determined according to the way we play. Most of the card games are not the same. The cards held by both parties have been uncertain from the beginning. For example, the most famous landlord. Maybe we got two 3 3, and the opposite was a king fried.

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