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    The campus characteristics of Huaibei International Automobile Camp


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. Different camping experiences
      In the assessment standards for camping sites according to the International Camping Association, Huaibei International Automobile Camp will create Beijing's first five -star car camps, with the comprehensive service hall in the camp as the axis Heart, the four major theme camps in the west, north, and south are divided into four major theme camps -Bianguan Camp (area A), sports camp (area B), waterfront camp (area C), and Great Wall camp (area D). In these child camping areas, camping enthusiasts and friends who travel by car can directly sail their car or RV into any camp in Nakaguchukou Natural Scenic Area according to their preferences. There are supporting service stations in each camp to provide services to tourists who come to camping and ensure the safety of tourists camping at night. The camp also provides tourists with a "private" camping area. Campers not only can stop in the camping parking space, but also enjoy the leisure method of "outdoor private garden" at the same time. There are power supply and water supply facilities in the camping park). There are sunshine meals, call centers, reception centers, medical stations, showering, bathrooms, automobile rescue facilities in the camp gate district and the comprehensive service hall. These facilities will provide a safe and fast service for campers. rnDifferent camping rnAccording to the standards made by FICC (The de Camping et de ), Beijing Huaibei Vehicle Campsite will be the first five-star vehicle campsite in Beijing. With the service hall as the central part, to the north、west、south there are four theme campsites—Border Camp(Zone A)、Sports Camp(Zone B)、 Camp(Zone C)、Greatwall Camp(Zone D). In these campsites can choose any campsite they want with their vehicles or RVs. The campers will get their private camp zone, enjoy the BBQ、have a picnic etc.(with ). In the gate area and service hall there are some necessary which will provide you safe、efficient services, such as Sunshine 、Call Center, Reception Center, Medical Station, Shower, Toilet, Auto Rescue ETC.
      The entertainment and leisure facilities are constantly increasing:
      The dynamic and static of the four theme camp areas are compatible. The person provides rich entertainment projects. There is an inflatable maze, inflatable slide, Indian style bar in the border camp (area A). In the future Not only are there many children's entertainment facilities here, children can also fly kite, learn wild pork, and make games here. There are football, mountain bicycles, and ATV off -road motorcycles in the sports camp (area B). A moderate amount of exercise in the environment will help relax the nerves and increase blood oxygen content. There are facilities such as the Great Wall Camp (District D), and facilities such as the Great Wall, military simulation battle (live CS). There are as many as 4 routes on hiking through the scenic area. This is very suitable for outdoor hiking hiking enthusiasts. The gap is average, while climbing, you can also enjoy the beauty of the Great Wall. There are leisure facilities such as fishing, barbecue, and suspension in the waterfront camp (area C). In the future, the wooden house vacation community will be developed on the east side of the waterfront. The waterfront camp is mainly suitable for friends who like quiet vacations. Walking on the river, suspension reading, vertical fishing, forests whispering ... At this point, campers have been merged into the beautiful scenery without exception, resting between mountain streams. rn rnFour theme campsites have different which can serve campers with different hobbies or from different ages. In the Border Camp(Zone A) there are maze、 slide、Indian style bar, and more leisure will be built in the future such as leisure chairs、childrens castle、water park etc. Zone A will be children's favourite camp zone because of the leisure here, also they could fly kites、go picnic、play games etc. You can find football、mountain bike、ATV in the Sports Camp(Zone B), beach 、tennis and amusement on water will be added in the future. In the scenic area, take some regular exercises under high negative oxygen ions will help to relax and increase blood oxygen content.This camp zone is most suitable for people who love sports. In the Greatwall Camp(Zone D) there are 4 hiking lines where we can see the greatwall ring the hiking. We can also fight a military battle(Live CS) here. It will become the best camp zone for hikers and climbers. There are paid Fishing Area, BBQ and Hammock s in the camp (zone c), The Log Cabin Resort to the East of the Will Be Developed in the Future. If you like a quiet and hold Zone C Will.

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