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    PUBG startup prompts, how to do it?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “PUBG startup prompts, how to do it?”
    1. The direct reason for this problem is that the process of tslgame.exe in the background is running. You may feel that I am talking nonsense because you have confirmed that there are no processes related to PUBG in the background. In fact, it does have a process in the background. Open the resource monitor (can be opened below the performance page of the task manager). In the process project, there should be a TSLGAME process being suspended, and then you will find that there is a TSLGAME process being executed. Manually restore the paused TSLGAME to start PUBG, and the running TSLGAME.EXE can end the process.

    2. How to fix it ????? Try:
      open task manger, startup, disable all programs. Test Game.
      disable angi virus or firewall space. details, it will show you what programs are running. Something could be with the game. End/disable program.rnrnIf you use Discord, disable overlay.rnIn Discord or Chrome browser, disable hardware . May help crashes and improve fps a little.rnIf you use Geforce aka GFE, uninstall or disable features like .rnDisable Game DVR/Mode in Windows or in the Xbox ApprnrnIf you have a Amd Ryzen Processor, Disable SMT. "
      Anyway, try to restart (close other programs)

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