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    Number of baseball participants and rules


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    1. Baseball is a ball -based sphere that is characterized by sticky balls, collective, and confrontation. It is also a good fitness sports. It has been widely developed internationally and has a greater impact. It is known as "the combination of competition and wisdom". It is especially prevalent in the United States and Japan, known as the "national ball". Next I will bring you the number and rules of baseball participants, I hope it will be helpful to you.
      What is the origin of baseball
      Ploping games with bases in ancient China, Greece, Egypt and Rome's cultural relics and images. The historical records are France and Spain in the mid -12th century. At that time, as a custom at that time, the game celebrated on the Easter: Everyone flushed to the street, and the cheerful clinging to a stick. This game spreads to the UK and develops into a "bench ball". Its form is similar to the current cricket. Its name is from the small bench of the milky female worker used in the game. After a period of time. The small bench has increased from one to four, and the offensive and defensive is also carried out on each "base". After gradually developing and evolving, it is called a "round baseball" and has become a ball movement that is loved by meteors and Britain. The earliest information about this sport was a print published by the "Pocket Small Edition Book" published in 1744 years later, painting a scene of children playing baseball. The book also refers to the round baseball.
      In early British diasporas who settled in the Americas also brought round baseball, crickets and equipment to the Americas. About the early 18th century, the player abandoned the old -fashioned ball and ball, and buried the stakes on the ground as a "base". The method of the game is the combination of round baseball and cricket, and adds new techniques that players come up with. (The game method is slightly) This original baseball was popular in the New England region of the American colonies at that time, but the shapes and sizes of the venue were different. There are also many names, such as "Townball", "One Old Cat", "Massachusetts" (), "GOALBALL", also known as "Baseball".
      Afndely in modern baseball originated from the United States or Britain. There have been controversy for a long time. At the end of the 19th century, the debate gradually rose.
      This, Henry Cher, who is considered the father of "baseball", is the inventor of the baseball record table. He said that American baseball comes from the British round baseball. After it passed to the United States, it became a "castle ball" and then evolved into a baseball. He is the witnesses of this evolution. He saw a round baseball game in the UK in his childhood. In the United States, he saw the development process of baseball baseball -castle ball -baseball.
      S.G.Spalding is the founder, excellent pitcher and the publisher of the "Baseball Guide" of a well -known sportswear store. He claims that baseball is the invention of Americans.
      In 1905, the United States established the Baseball Original Investigation Commission and worked. The results of the investigation made in 1907 were: Baseball was invented by General Abu Koubul Dai () in 1939 in Kuperton () in New York State. Although this result is more generally accepted, there are still controversy, because there is another saying: Abana Daobul Dai is an excellent fighter of the Federal Government Army in the Civil War. Perton has never done any job for baseball or even watched baseball games.
      Colitators also denied this that baseball was transmitted to the United States by British immigrants and developed on the basis of British round baseball, and gradually became the "national ball" in the United States.
      At 1840, baseball has been popular among American teenagers. In 1842, New Yorkers drafted a baseball map, and adults began to like and engage in this game, and support it into an important sports.
      The venue of baseball games has gradually evolved with the development and level of the game. In 1845, the "New York Baseball Club" was established in New York, which is the first organization in history. The club immediately designed a satisfactory game venue and formulating standard competition rules. This standardized measure is of great significance in the history of baseball. The unified rules formulated in 1845, some of which are still in use. The following year, a fan -shaped venue was designed, and after several modifications, it has been used to the present.
      On June 19, 1846, at the Erici Stadium in New Jersey, the competition was played for the first time in accordance with the formulated unified rules.
      In 1852, the competition used the formal competition record form for the first time. The athlete was wearing clothes for the first time -white shirt, blue trousers. In 1858, the formal competition was stipulated to be the nine innings, replacing the provisions of the previous 21 -point team as the winning team. By 1858, 25 amateur baseball clubs had been established in New York and New Jersey. All teams of each club played for the competition and established the National Baseball Federation ().
      In 1865, baseball began to be professional. By 1869, the world's first professional baseball team, Cincinnati, was announced in the United States. Then, many professional teams jointly become different alliances. In 1871, professional athletes jointly established the National Professional Baseball Anecker Association. In 1876, it was renamed the National Professional Baseball Club Alliance, referred to as the National Baseball Alliance. It is the oldest in the existing professional baseball organization. In 1875, he began to use a simple dividing glove to pick up the ball. Before that, it was a bare hand to pick up the ball. Due to the hardness of the ball, the improvement of the playback technology, the increase in the power and speed of the pass, the frequent and fierce competitions between professional teams have promoted the development and improvement of equipment and utensils. In the same year, he took over and started using the protective noodles.
      In 1979, the United States used regular referees to host the competition. The first referee training class was held.
      The international exchanges. Baseballs are out of the United States and transmit themselves in South America and Asian countries and regions.
      In 1938, the first game of the World Amateur Baseball Championship was held in London, England. The championship is held every year. On May 20, 1978, the Olympic Games was officially contest at the Olympic Games at the National Olympic Committee held at the International Olympic Committee held in Athens, Greece.
      The world of baseball and the world, which is developed earlier and spreads, but the development is unbalanced. It is regarded as "national ball" in the United States and Japan. It is also very popular in Cuba, South America, South Korea, and Taiwan. It is also very common in the development and improvement of the development and improvement in Europe and Ocean.
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      Ip experts
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      The weight loss plan with a running mechanism
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      How to the development of baseball
      In 1839, a naughty student of the West Point Military Academy Dabei () In the history class, in order to avoid dozing, the blank part of the historical textbook was drawn. The preliminary fan stadium specifications also ignited the flames of modern baseball.
      Americans regard baseball as their own treasures, and carefully prepare a heroic baseball culture. This culture has become the only boulder in the United States that can compete with modern technology and surpass all environmental changes. It steadily pressures in all corners of American history, penetrated into the dreams of every American, and became their pride and life.
      Dabei said in his later years: "Baseball is a myth of natural development in the United States." This myth has become part of the blood of everyone in the United States in the past 150 years. The western extension, all stages of economic panic, combined with their lives and history into a huge chapter, which has been circulating in the lives and dreams of every child for generations.
      Today, tens of thousands of people in the United States are engaged in the court every year, of which less than one tenth of them can be in their early one. The love and persistence of baseball.
      The baseball is a ball movement using a ball and ball on the outdoor venue with 9 people. This is both an amateur competition and a professional sports. The goal of the game is to win more points than the opponent. When a athlete runs the entire barrier, he scored one point without being sentenced to a bureau. The baseball field is divided into the interior and outer field. The four corners of the square in the square have a barrier. The inner field is also called "block".
      The inner field is two sides of the critical field in the boundary area and two other sidewalks outside the boundary area. The baseball stick is hard, smooth wooden stick, usually 3 feet 6 inches long (1.668 meters). The surface of the ball is wrapped in pap. Baseball is regarded as a national ball (national entertainment). The International Baseball Federation is a world management agency of amateur baseball. Baseball will be included in the next Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996.
      Lither (athletes) (athletes) have the quality of speed and strength, balance and coordination, flexibility and flexibility. As a team member and the team, it is important. Personal technologies such as hitting, playing and defense are also important.
      The international baseball will also hold the World Cup baseball game, but the attention and popularity is not great. Baseball began to become one of the demonstration projects in the summer of 1984. It was promoted to officially in 1992, but it will be suspended soon after the 2008 Olympic Games. In 2006, the American Professional Baseball League and the International Baseball Federation co -organized the World Baseball Classic. Whether this world baseball class has allowed re -baseball to receive the attention of the world sports industry. It remains to be observed.
      In 1992, baseball became the official game of the Olympic Games. As of 2004, the International Baseball Federation () currently has a total of 112 member states. Now the United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Dutch, Dominica, Venezuela, Panama, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, etc. have their own professional baseball alliances.
      Although there is no professional baseball in Cuba, its baseball league is generally considered to have the level of a large league. China established its own baseball league China Baseball League in 2002. The United States Professional Baseball League is currently the highest level of professional baseball events in the world. Baseball players in various countries also use the stadium of the American Professional Baseball League as the highest professional ambition and dream. On July 8, 2005, the International Olympic Committee officially announced that baseball will not be included in the 2012 London Olympic Games, because there are too few participating countries. Whether baseball can be included in the Olympic Games after 2016 is an unused day.
      In order to respond to the resolution of the Olympic Committee, the American Professional Baseball League launched a World Baseball Classic and held the first game in March 2006. The Japanese team won the first championship. In order to promote the internationalization of baseball, the first Asian professional baseball competition started in November 2005. There are Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan ’s professional baseball league champion team and the Chinese star“ Chinese Star ”sent by China. Finally, the Japanese representative Chiba Rhodes won the first championship. This is another major baseball game in Asia outside the Asian Baseball Championships.
      The second Asian Vocational Baseball Contest, held in November 2006. "And the Chinese star team" Chinese Star "to fight against each other. Four.
      Is 3rd Asian duties: first: China and Japan (Japan); second: SK Feilong (Korean); Third: Unified Lion (Taiwan); Fourth: Chinese Star (Middle);
      Is of the fourth session: first: Seibu Lion (day); Second: Unified Lion (Taiwan); Third: SK Flying Dragon (Korean); Fourth: Tianjin Lion ; IBAF); For the first time, the world baseball ranking is excluded, and the ranking of high -level points in various worlds (one less time, 10 points for scores), and the secondary level of intercontinental cups (each time a few times, the score is 5 points less, the score is 5 points less. ) The rankings are ranked from more to less.
      The latest top ten rankings are as follows: 1. Cuba; 2. South Korea; 3. Japan; 4. United States; 5. Taiwan; 6. 7. Mexico; 8. Canada; 9. Australia; 10. , But this does not mean that the strength of various countries is like this. For example, the United States participating in the Olympic Games sent as a small league as a representative, and some high -quality stars with some countries are unwilling to participate or do not let go of the team, causing the national team to weaken the strength. At present, countries with high baseball levels are mainly America and Asia.
      What are the characteristics of baseball
      Bellyball is a ball -based spherical sport that is characterized by sticks as the main feature, collective and confrontation. It has been widely developed internationally and has a greater impact. It is known as "the combination of competition and wisdom".
      Blings are a kind of ball movement with the main characteristics of the baton, collective, and confrontation. It is known as the "combination of competition and wisdom". Collaborative collective sports. It is combined with static and static, and the division of labor is clear.
      The people not only emphasize personal wisdom and talents, but also pay attention to strategic tactics and cooperate with each other. The division of labor between members is clear, responsible, and must be actively cooperated and served each other. If necessary, it is to take care of the overall situation. Individuals should be willing to sacrifice themselves.
      Under the blue sky, Yin Yin's green grass, let go of the burden at work, and give yourself to your team. The teammates around you are your usual colleagues. In a fun baseball game, you even more Be able to experience the importance of trust, tolerance and encouragement, everyone in baseball has the opportunity to be a controller, and must have its own positioning and your judgment on the overall situation.
      In the fiery competitive confrontation, devote yourself to your heart. When you are running, when you are motivated to discuss tactics with everyone, in fact, you are creating a belonging to you Miracle.
      The baseball is a "lost, Miao thousand miles" movement. When you fly towards you at a speed of more than 150 speed, you must first judge whether to play or not. If you choose to play, you have to do the ball, great, the three are indispensable. Generally, it is necessary to play it, so it is very important to cooperate with the eyes and hands.
      The hitting the ball is higher in the upper half of the ball, which will be a weak and weak ground rolling ball; the hitting point is lower to the lower half of the ball, it will be a high flying ball straight down.
      By the way, Yankees performed the best pitcher this year. Wang Jianmin from Taiwan rely on this trick. He is a master who dropped the ball. A 150 -speed ball comes over. If you grit your teeth, "hit!" The stick wielded half of the goal and flew in front of you but suddenly fell quickly. What would you feel? A rod hit the empty, and his luck to the upper part of the ball would also be a weak and weak earth. It was easily blocked by the defender.
      So the successful hit by a team member, there is a certain amount of luck in it. Then the performance of the team's offense also has a certain amount of luck.
      The physiological related to the athletes, especially the pitcher. Generally speaking, the pitch will throw 6 or 7 innings each time, about 100 pitching times, which is very energy -consuming. In order to sell more tickets and TV broadcasts, the evil capitalists have arranged a lot of high -density competitions, with 162 games in 6 months.
      So a team must have 5 such starting pitchers and appear in turns.
      The pitcher level and play, which has a great impact on the winning match. The strong team will also have a relatively poor pitcher, the weak team also has good pitcher, or the original pitcher will also play abnormalities, so the situation of the weak team to overcome the strong team is not uncommon.
      It, from the perspective of the entire season, due to the 162 games, the final record still reflects the strength of each team. Yes, for the five games of five or seven games, the luck is relatively large.
      Smart friends may have thought about how to arrange the order of several pitcher in the playoffs. Sometimes it is very effective to play Tianjie horse racing.
      It sometimes rely on God's help. What do you say? For example, today's non -winning competition is the fourth pitcher. Since the brother is the fourth, the level is definitely not bad, then Had to ask for rain. It's raining, and the game is postponed to tomorrow.
      The first pitcher can get an additional day of rest time, and you can jump No. 4.
      The pitcher has a pivotal position in the baseball game. An excellent baseball team should have a group of pitcher with smart mind, rapid response, strong ball control ability, and good physical fitness. Whether in the game in the game or changing the ball One of the standards.
      The key to pitching is to let the ball pass through the home base board, with different angles. Only with the correct technical movement and good quality can we exert their own level.
      The rules of baseball are specific
      1. The competition
      is going to play 9 innings, and each team offensive and defensive is 1 game. The cumulative leader of the 9th game is the victory team. If you play a draw, continue the game, called the extension game, until the victory and defeat. Baseball has a long time, and it usually takes about 3 hours. If the score between the two sides is 10 points or more, the game can end the game in 7; when the scores of the two sides are 15 or more, the game can end the game in 5.
      2. Scores
      The offensive team members run away and run away after the three of them go out.
      3. Out of the game
      The rights or defensive teams to be canceled, running or scoring, or defending the team to change the attack team, one of the three offensive conditions is called "out of the game". Essence
      4. Safety
      The judgment of the referee's legal obtaining the base of the runner is called "safety".
      5. Regulations for pitching
      The pitcher can use front pitching and sideways. Once the pitching moves, it is not allowed to stop and change the pitching posture. Before the start of the pitching, the pitcher can pitch players or upload the ball on the barrier of the runner. The pitching that violates the ballistic rules is called "illegal pitching". When there is no runner on the barrier, it is sentenced to a "bad ball" to players; Safety enter a barrier.
      6. Regulations for hitting and running base
      The offensive team must enter the ball in order on the list of "hitting sequences" on the list of referees' players before the game. When hitting the ball, you must not step out of the strike area; when the team is legally caught by the defending team, the player is out. Players can hit the ball with a swing and touch.
      In the ball to hit the ball, the players should run the base; the pitcher has thrown 3 "good balls" (vertically on the home base board, and the height is high on the upper edge of the player's shoulder and the middle of the upper edge of the trouser waist. Below the line is generally the position of the chest; the three -dimensional space area between the lower below the bones of the knees is called "good ball zone". Ball "), hit the player three -click and missed the game. For example, when playing 4 "bad balls" or hitting the players, hit the players safely entering the base.
      When the player hit the ball into the boundary, you should run into the first base. When he arrived at the first base, he was not blocked or killed by the defensive player, and was safe. You must run the base in the order of first, two, three, and home base. You must not run the base in the reverse, and you must not obstruct the team to pick up the ball. The runner can steal the barrier, and can rush or slippery when running, but you must run in along the range of the running base.
      Is hitting the ball from the player, the runner should touch the barrier bag, and wait for the ball to contact the team members before leaving the base. When legal entry and touched the first, second, and third bases, they got 1 point when they reached the home base. When hitting the legal ball, when the ball fell directly, it directly exceeded the specified boundary line (there was no wall in the regular venue). It was a "home run", and the players were safe to be safe. However, the player still has to go back to the home base in accordance with the prescribed route, and then return to the home base to count the legal score.
      7. Regulations for blocking and touching and killing
      The field guards pass the runner or kill the runner who is forced to enter the base due to the runner. Defensive behavior is called "blocking". This kind of offensive and defensive situation is called "blocking situation". As long as the guards get the ball, they can block the runner out of the game with their feet.
      This Kill
      The field guard holds the ball firmly with his hands or gloves. The defense behavior of running the runner with the hand or gloves of the ball is called "touch". Touching behaviors are generally used by the runner's forced to enter the base (that is, the free entering the base).
      Is must pay attention to relevant rules when playing baseball, because only in this way can ensure that the state of the whole person can become very good, and the rules are part of the baseball game that cannot be ignored, so be sure to pay attention to these well. Related aspects.
      It how to choose baseball clothing
      Blings are uniforms worn by baseball uniforms. Most of the baseball uniforms attach the number and the name of the wearer on the clothes, usually printed behind the back to identify different players. Baseball caps, shirts, pants, shoes, socks, and gloves are part of baseball uniforms.
      Most of the baseball uniforms have different colors and signs to indicate their own teams, and they can also distinguish between two teams and permits.
      The first appearance of baseball uniforms was the New York Baseball Club in 1849. Today, the replicas of baseball uniforms and derivative baseball products have brought a lot of benefits to the American League Baseball League.
      During the competition, the team members should wear uniform competition costumes (including inner shirts and exposed parts). There must be no flashing buttons or accessories on the clothing. The back of the clothing top should have obvious numbers with a obvious number of 15.2 cm, and the number of the tops and pants should be consistent.
      The clothing is not allowed to participate in the game differently from the team members. Each team should have two different sets of clothing, first attack the team to wear dark colors, and then attack the team to wear light colors.
      During the competition, the team members should wear uniform competition costumes (including inner shirts and exposed parts). There must be no flashing buttons or accessories on the clothing. The back of the clothing top should have obvious numbers with a obvious number of 15.2 cm, and the number of the tops and pants should be consistent.
      The clothing is not allowed to participate in the game differently from the team members. Each team should have two different sets of clothing, first attack the team to wear dark colors, and then attack the team to wear light colors. Which brands of American baseball clothing are good?
      The ten major baseball uniform brands are as follows
      1, three -leaf grass baseball uniforms;
      , Converse baseball uniforms;
      , sharp steps of baseball uniforms;
      4. Mijin strong baseball uniforms;
      5, Nike baseball uniform;
      , Adidas baseball uniform;
      7, Sibo baseball uniform;
      8, Lee baseball uniform uniform ;
      9, Zandanu baseball uniform;
      10, Yuntian baseball uniform;
      how to attack baseball
      During the game, each team played 9 players, a total of 18 people in the audience, Essence
      The 9 players are pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, guerrillars, left outer field, right outer field, China and outer field.
      The baseball game is a total of 9 innings, and each of the two teams take turns to attack. The pitching side is the defensive side, and the side of the hit is the offensive side.
      It look down on the baseball field from the air, showing a fan. There is a square (called the inner field) in the fan. A square and fan -shaped right corner is the position of the catcher, that is, the home base. In the middle of the square is the position of the pitcher. The other three corners of the square are first bases, second bases, and third bases. In the remaining part of the fan (removed in the field), the left, middle and right outer player is evenly distributed. The position of the guerrillas is not clear, but it corresponds to the scene.
      The start of the game, attacking a player stood in front of the catcher (the attack was a stick), ready to hit the ball thrown by the pitcher. The pitcher shot the first goal, the hitter did not hit, and the catcher grabbed the ball steadily. The third goal and the third goal still fell into the catcher steadily. This is called the three strikeouts out of the game.
      This members of the offensive party will go out, and then the offensive party will send the second player to fight. If the two sticks are also out, then the three sticks are put on the three sticks, then the offensive party scores 0 points. , Both parties change the position of offensive and defensive. The offensive party must go out to the three -person talent to change the offensive and defensive position.
      offensive technology
      Thenight, running, and slippery, etc., is the main means of score.
      (1) Hit the ball
      The method of holding rods and hits. Stick the player's hands and hold a stick, take the corresponding playback method according to the pitching movement of the pitcher and the route of the ball, and strive to hit the ball to the distance or empty gear that the defenders cannot receive.
      (2) Running base
      . After hitting the player hit the ball, when the defender players did not receive the ball, they immediately got on the base and grab the base.
      (3) Slip -like
      The bodies of running offers to the ground sliding on the ground.
      is generally carried out in accordance with the tactics prescribed by the team and the tactics issued on the spot. The commonly used offensive tactics are available.
      (1) Observation: The first goal cast by the pitcher, do not hit, observe the movement and strength of the pitcher.
      (2) Actively meet the first goal: achieve the purpose of attacking its indiscriminate.
      (3) Hit the high -ball ball: ready to sacrifice yourself to promote the same team to score.
      (4) Run: That is to hit the gap between the ball to the back of the barrier, so that other runners enter the 2 bases or grab the 3rd base, destroy the opponent's opportunity to create double killing opportunities Essence
      (5) Running and playing again: The runner steals the base first, hit the player and then hit the ball.
      (6) Touch the sacrifice: hit the player to hit the ball to 1 base or (3 basement) with touch, hit the ground and lead the team to seduce the team to "kill" 1 base, hit the player to sacrifice themselves, so that the same way The team enters the barrier or returns to this base.
      (7) 1, 3 runners Double Stealing: Create a 3rd base runner to return to the home base scoring opportunity.

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