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    Eighth grade English volume first unit test questions and answers


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    1. First, the hearing part (full score 20 points)
      Ⅰ. Listen to the sentence, select the words or phrases you hear. Read each sentence again. (1 point per small question, 5 points for full score)
      1. A. Visiting b. Resting C. Making
      2. A. Waiting b. Playing C. STAYING
      3. A. Vacation B. Weeks C.
      4. A. Phone B. Show C. Snow
      5. A. Thinking of B. Knowing About C. Thinking About
      . Answer. Read twice in each conversation. (1 point per small question, 5 points for full score)
      6. Where is tom going for vacation?
      a. shanghai. B. English. C. Italy. ?
      a. she is her sister.
      b. she is playing.
      c. She is going.
      8. When is John Going Camping?
      a. Next week. B. Next Month. C. Next Sunday.
      9. How long is mary staying in Hawaii?
      a. for two weeks. R n 10.how is the weather in beijing?
      a. yes, it is. B. No, it isn't. c. it's color. n III. Essence Read the dialogue twice. (1 point per small question, 5 points for full score)
      In the first conversation, answer the 11th to 12th questions.
      11. What will the boy do tonight?
      a. do his homework. B. Watch tv. n a. SOME Flowers. B. A Notebook. C. SOME CDS.
      In the second paragraph of dialogue and answer the 13th to 15th questions.
      13. How was jack's vacation?
      a. it was. B. Not very good. C. It was exciting.
      1 14. What did jack do right?
      A. he helped his pa reNTS. B. He played computers.
      c. He did his homework.
      15. What was the weather like in bepilt? N a. it was very colded B. It was very color. C. It was very warm.
      ⅳ. Listen to the essay and complete the form. Read twice in the short essay. (1 point per small question, 5 points for full score)
      reaSons Why Hiking is Popular
      General REASons It's 16 and 17.
      Reason 1 it's good 18 that improves people's health with hurting. nT's simple and 19.
      reason 3 it's the best way to get away from your everyday 20.
      . The written test part (full score)
      : Small questions 1 point, full score 10 points)
      21. - you'll be relaxed when you return from your vacation. -
      a. you're right. B. I hold so. C. All right D. I hope not.
      22. -What are you going to give your mother for her birthday?
      - I'm not sure. But just buy her. N a. SOMETHING SPECIAL B. Anything Special C. Special Something D. Special Anything
      23. —When is He Leaving for Beise?
      24. Oh, I forgot My Ruler with Me. Can I use your yours?
      a. Bring b. Brought C. TO BRING D. Bringing
      25. —Where are you going? R n -I'm Going to Pairs a week.
      a. to b. on c. for d. at
      26. - is them staying?
      - Two days.
      a. How many b. How OFTEN C. HOW Long D. When
      27. When you take a vacation, you must take enough money you. n a. in B. FROM C. FOR D. With
      28. It's Hot Outside. Please a sunhat you.
      a. take; to b. Bring; to c. Bring; with d. take; with
      29. -What are you doing for vacation?
      -I am time with my.
      a. visiting b. staying c. spending
      30. — i am playing Soccer this afternoon.
      - I'm visiting my.
      a. where are you going? B. How about you?
      c. it's great. D. that sounds. n Ⅱ. Fill in the blanks (1 point per small question, 10 points for full score)
      the summer vacation is the best time for Students. They can go outdoors and has fun. The to enjoy the bea uty of 32.
      people is an American middle school student and he loves 33 very much. He always travels in his country. Chinese history. 35 HE is Flying to Beijing and xi'aan for the s ummer vacation. He is leaving on July 12th and 36 New York on the last day of the month. He plans 37 a fantastic vacation. During the 38 , he is visiting places of interest and going shoppi ng. At night, he is 39 to enjoy the night Views. He is sure he will have a 40 time.
      31. A. Watch TV B. CO D. Go Fishing
      32. A. Buildings B. Farm D. Nature
      33. A. B. Shopping C. Fishing D. Hiking
      34. A. Something b. Different some
      c. Something Different d. Something
      35. a. Becape B. So C . But d. Although
      36. A. Getting Back to B. Get Back to C. Getting Back D. Gets Back to
      38. A. Weekend B. Week C. Night D. Day
      40. A. A. A. Great B. Well C. Terrible D. Boring
      Ⅲ. make a plan. We take food, clothing, a knife, and thing For cooking and standing. We take things to keep us away from insensects and the sun.
      then we put insto the car and we drive to the woods. a good place for our tent(帐篷). The place should have a lot of moving air. This will keep some insects away. High land with water on both sides of it is good. Then we put up our tent. We put into the TENT, and We are ready for fun. We can swim in the lake, Walk in the Woods, Climb a Mountain, ROW A BOAT, or Go Fishing. N in The Evening We Back to Tent, AND We Build a big fire becape it can keep the inserts away. We sit design the fire and talk. We may talk stories or we may sing songs. It is a busy day, so we try to go to sleep early.
      is dark. Is quiet. We hope we wON'T hear music from the radio in the next test. R n 41. BeFore Going Camping We Should First ______.
      A. Make a Plan B. Take Some Food
      C. Take Things to Keep us warm d. take some for cooking and eating
      42. we go to camp _______. n a. by bus b . By Car C. By Bike D. On Foot
      43. CAMPERS can take part in _______. n a. One or Two B. only a few c. ma ny d. two or three
      44. In the event we built a fire becape _______.
      a. it is colled at night B. It can keep us warm
      c. It can kepts away d. it is dark and quiet
      45. CAMPERS LIKE to ______ at Night.
      A. Hear Music from the Radio B. Go to Sleep Early
      C. Have Rain D. Be Busy R R R r r r r r r r r r r
      n   The have more vacation days than us.rn   Some people like to stay at home ring their vacation. They work in the garden, visit their friends, read books or watch . Many families take their lunch to a park or somewhere far From the city. They like to eat under trees or near a nice lake. If they live near the sea, they often go to the seaside. TheRe they Can Fish, SW. im or enjoy the sun.
      the like. They thinking and outdoor are the parts of their lives. They work hard to save money, but their main pulpose. make use of their vacation to camp. There are thousands of camp bases(基地) in western countries. They can swim, go fishing, attend lectures, and take part in many other (娱乐性的) there. It can help them wrest from The Secrets of Nature, Train (Training) Their Viability, and Teach they How to be self-reliant (independent).
      46. some like to ______ at home raing their vacation. Clean Their Rooms B. Cook their Meals
      C. Work in the Garding Watch TV D. Go Fishing
      47. Many Families ofte their Lunch Out and Have It ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Under some Trees B. Near the City C. Near the Sea d. in the (restaurant)
      48. ______ is very important for the.
      a. working hard b. c. Saving camping
      49. What does the phrase "wrest from" mean here?
      a. Get B. Conservative C. Knowing D. Exploration
      50. The passage Mainly Tells us _______.
      a. How the spend their vacation
      B. The have more vacation days
      C. Different Views On Vacation Between The AND The
      D. Teach The Western Students How to Be Self-R N IV. John's family is going on vacation next week. They're renting a house in the mountain for a week. John plans to have a relaxing time. He's taking some books because he wants to read. He's going hiking and bike riding. John is going to the mountains on Monday, and coming home on Friday. He's going to a party on Saturday night.rn   John's mother is going on Monday, too. She's staying all week and coming home on Sunday. She plans to take walks with her husband in the beautiful .rn   John's father is working on Monday and Tuesday, so he can't be in the mountains then. He's going on Wednesday morning. He plans to go fishing, and he's coming home with John's mother.
      John's sister is staying at home. She ’s taking clasSses this summer and visiting friend. n is filled in the form according to the content of the short text. rn   Going to the mountains Coming homern   John On Monday 51.______rn   John's mother 52.______ 53.______rn   John's father 54.______ 55.______rn   Ⅴ. Complete sentences (2 points for each question, 10 points)
      56. I will go fishing this weekend.
      I ’m ____________TIS Weekend.
      57. My uncle is now on vacation in Paris.
      my uncle is __________________ in Paris.
      58. What do you want to do during the holidays? a bit.
      I ’m ____________. I really need _______ _______.
      60. That sounds interesting. have a good time. rn   That ______ ______ ______. Have a ______ ______.rn   Ⅵ.用括号里所给单词的适当形式填空(每小题1分,满分5分)rn   61. Let's go ( Hike) This weekend.
      62. look! The box________ (play) soccer on the (playground). Can I go bike _________ (Ride) with my?
      65. Yesterday i ________ (spend) Two Hours in Washing My Clothes.
      66. Mike's Going to Hawaii on August 3rd. The drawing line is asked)
      ________ ________ dave _________TIS Weekend?
      68. I'm going there with my. n 69. How's the weather theree? ________ ___________________________________________________________________________________.
      viii. Written expression (full score)
      This writing a short article according to the following table content, introducing your weekend plan, not less than 60 words. rn   when rn   Saturday morning go bike ridingrn   afternoon go fishingrn   evening go to the moviesrn   Sunday all the day go rn   evening restrn   ________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________UNIT 1 where did you go on vacation? Words or phrases. Read each sentence again.
      1. Jim is visiting his friend in Hong Kong.
      2. She is staying there for a week.
      3. My pains alway for their vacations.
      4 . Please Show Me your Photos Next Week.
      5. He was thinking about going to beijing.
      Ⅱ. Read twice in each conversation.
      6. W: Tom, where are you going to vacation?
      m: italy.
      7. W: What's jane doing tomorrow?
      m: she is her sister.
      8. W: John, are you going to camping?
      m: yes, I'm Going Camping Next Week.
      9. W: where is mary?
      m: she has Gone to Hawaii for a Holiday.
      W: How long is she staying there?
      m: for three weeks. n 10. W: What's the weather like in beining?
      m : It's color.
      Ⅲ. Listen to the dialogue, choose the best answer. Read the dialogue twice.
      Listen to the first dialogue and answer the 11 to 12 questions.
      m: Mom, I am going to maria's birthday party tonight. What should I do?
      W: you should give her a present. n m: what present should I take? r
      w: why not bring her a notebook?
      m: no, it is not spocial enough.
      W: how about some flowers? Girls alway Flowers.
      m: sounds good.
      Listen to the second paragraph, answer the 13th to 15th questions.
      W: hi, jack. How was your vacation?
      m: not very good.
      W: What was
      m: My Parents WERE Not Free and I had to Stay at home.
      W: then what did you do home?
      m: I only do my homework every day. It was boring. What about your vacation, betty?
      w: oh , I know to beijing.
      m: It's great. What was t heather like there?
      W: it was very colded there. n W: yes, I Had GR Eat Fun.
      ⅳ. Listen to the essay and complete the form. Read twice in the short essay. rn   Most people enjoy hiking. Hiking is not only a healthy but also relaxing activity. The reason why people go hiking is different from person to person. Here are some of the most popular reasons why people go hiking. First of all, hiking is very good exercise, which will improve people's health. It's good exercise that doesn't hurt your body. Secondly, hiking is simple and cheap. All you need to do is wear a pair of hiking boots and a smile to start. Finally , hiking is the best way to get away from your everyday life. You could hike alone or go with your friends. Hiking helps clear mind so that you can return to work with . So why not plan a hiking trip right away?r n 1 ~ 5 ACABC 6 ~ 10 CAABC 11 ~ 15 CABCA 16. Healthy 17. Relaxing
      18. Exercise 19. Cheap 20. Life
      . The written test section
      . 21. B i Hope SO "Hope".
      22. A adjectives are often placed behind it when modifying indefinite pronouns, and some are often used in affirmative sentences.
      23. D uses preposition o n on a specific day.
      24. C forget to do sth. Forgot to do something; forget Doing Sth. I forgot to do something.
      25. C -sentence meaning: "Where are you going?" "I will go to Paris for a week." Here for a week said for a period of time, so chosen C.
      26. C can be known for a period of time by TWO Days.
      7. D examine the tag. With sb. The structure means "carrying something with you".
      28. d take ... with means "carry with you ...".
      29. D sentence meaning: "What are you ready to do during the holidays?" "I am going to spend with my grandparents." Visit means "visit; visit"; stay means "stay"; take means " Take away, take away "; spend means" spend ". Selected D.
      30. B said: "I plan to play football this afternoon, how about you?" "I'm going to visit my grandparents." How About You? It means "you?". Select B according to the sentence.
      Ⅱ. 31. C from Go to Big Cities to know that the purpose of going to big cities is sightseeing, not "watching TV", "exercise" or "going fishing". Go means "sightseeing", so choose C.
      32. D is selected from Go to the Nature, which means "nature, nature".
      33. A from he always travels in his country.
      34. C is a noun, and Different is an adjective. The adjective Different modifiers should be placed behind the indefinite pronouns, so they choose C.
      35. B by he is in Chinese history. He is Flying to Beijing and xi ’an can know that the front and back sentences are causal relationships, so choose B.
      36. A get back means "back", and then to add to to the object. He is leaving on july 12th ... It can be seen that GET needs to use in the form of -ing, so choose A.
      37. B plot to do sth.
      38. D is at Night ... It can be seen that the selection is "during the day".
      39. B take a walk and take Walks are both "walking". But according to He is ... we can see that take is to be divided into words.
      40. A can be seen from the context that should be "happy". Have A Great Time means "playing well",
      S choice A.
      Ⅲ. 41. A from the first paragraph of the second sentence first, we make a plan.
      42. B from the second paragraph of the first sentence then we put into the car and we drive to the woods.
      43. C is from the end of the second paragraph. We can swim in the lake, Walk in the Woods, Climb a Mountain, ROW A BOAT, or Go Fishing. and at the end of the third paragraph We May Tell Stories or We May Sing Songs It can be seen that camping activities are colorful.
      44. The first sentence of the third paragraph of C in the event we comed back to the tent, and we build a big fire because it can keep the insects away.
      45. B from the last sentence of the fourth paragraph it is a business day, so we try to go to sleep early.
      46. C According to the first and second sentences of the first and second sentences, the some people like to stay at home raing their vacation. They work in the garden, visit their friends, Read Books or Watch.
      47. A According to the second paragraph, the fourth sentence they like to ear some trees or near a nice lake. So choose A.
      48. B according to the last sentence the last sentence they work hard to save money, but their main pulpose is to travel.
      49. D is inferred by the "natural secrets" and "training their survivability" below to infer "this can help them explore the secrets of nature ...", so I chose D.
      50. A essay mainly introduces how Westerners have vacated. So choose A.
      IV.51. On friday is known by John Is Going to the Mountains on Monday in the first paragraph, and coming home on friday.
      52. On monday is the answer by John ’s Mother is going on Monday, too.
      53. On Sunday is a second sentence she ’s staying all wek and coming home on sunday.
      54. On wednesday morning is the answer by the second sentence he ’s going on wedness morning.
      55. On sunday is from the last sentence of the third paragraph that He Plans to Go Fishing, and He ’s Coming Home with John’ s Mother.
      6. 56. Going Fishing 57. TAKING HIS VACATION 58. Are, Doing for Vacation 59. Too Tired, to related . Are Playing 63. Goes 64. RIDING 65. SPENT
      ⅶ. 66.is, Going to 67. What is, doing 68. WHO Are, Going there without 69. What's, like
      70. your Id card to me
      viii.one possible veersion:
      ons going to have this weekend. On Saturday Morning I'm Going Bike Riding with Friend. In the action My Father. I like find very much. And in the event, I'm Going to the Movies with my family. We're going to watch a comedy. All the day. Maybe it can help me know the beauty avout our city. And on sunday evening I'm going to have a rest, becape I'm going to school the next day. r n

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