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    "0x01169018" cited "0x004075e2" instructions cannot help me for "Read" ...


    Sep 23, 2022

    "" "" "" The memory can not be "read". As soon as you install the Webplayer 2009 player, please teach me! Intersection Intersection urgent················

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    1. Hello, the computer appears: [This memory cannot be read], this is the "software" you installed conflicts with the "memory" in the computer!

      [Answer Original, quote, please explain the author: Li Wang History], occasionally appear, click [Cancel]!

      1. No, use [Compatibility Mode]: On the [Desktop Shin], right -click, attribute, [compatibility], [use compatibility with compatibility], [hook], application, determine!
      or point: [Run this program as an administrator], apply, determine!
      2. There are [Trojan or Viruses] interference on the computer, download "360 Security Guard" and "360 anti -Virus Double Engine Edition" or "Kingsoft Guardian" and "Kingsoft Poison". "And" system vulnerability]! [System repair], one -click repair! [Plug -in cleanup], immediately clean up [evil review plug -in]!
      3. [Suspicious startup item], download the "360 system first aid box", or open the 360 ​​security guard, [functional Daquan] "360 system first aid box", start the first aid, restart the computer after finishing! After booting, [File Recovery Area], click: Suspicious startup items and Trojan, completely delete the file!
      again: [System repair], all selected, fix immediately! [Network Repair], start repairing. Restart the computer!
      [Jinshan first aid box], check [extended scan], scan immediately, after finishing, process it immediately, restart the computer!
      4. You download the "player", or "chat software", or "IE browser", or "game" of "game", or "version is too old"! It is recommended to remove, download new, or upgrade it to [latest version]! IE browser, and test version software is not recommended to upgrade!
      5. That is, you have installed two or more similar software (such as: two players, two QQs, or multiple browsers, multiple anti -virus software, multiple online games, etc.)! They are [incompatible with each other], remove the "extra" one!
      6. You find [Start "menu in the lower left corner of the computer and find [Software on the computer with a strong unloading of the computer] and find the excess of the unload! After unloading, "strong cleaning" (see if you see it, don't remove it useful)! After finishing, restart the computer!
      7. No more, start menu, run, enter CMD, return, enter [Copy]:
      FOR %1 in ( %Windir %System32*.ocx) under the command prompt n Paste, Enter, after finishing, then enter:
      FOR %1 in ( %Windir %System32*.dll) Do regsvr32.exe /s %1
      Enter! Until the screen rolling stops, restart the computer!
      8. No, go online to download a [read repair tool], repair it! Pay attention to kill the virus and Trojan!
      9. Restart the computer, start the computer brand, press "F8", enter the "Security Mode", and select: [Last correct settings], Enter, Enter, see how the effect is!
      10. It really doesn't work: [One -click restore system or reinstalled system]!

    2. Error analysis: problems with problems (including house memory, secondary cache, memory), incompatible software (mainly remote control and antivirus software), damaged NTFS volumes, and problematic hardware (such as: PCI plugging card itself itself This error will cause this error.
      ◇ Solution:
      1. Remove all the newly installed hardware.
      2. Memory check.
      3. Check whether all new hardware or software are installed correctly. If this is a new installation, please contact the hardware or software manufacturer to get any of the possible Windows update or driver.
      4 . Disable or uninstall all anti -virus programs.
      5. Disable BIOS memory options, such as cache or shadow

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